Unorthodox Custom Stop Paddle
An unorthodox custom stop paddle, perhaps, but an effective one, judging by the children’s patience…
Custom stop signs

Sometimes a stop sign needs to communicate more than simply, ”Stop.“ Whether warning drivers of treacherous ice ahead or designating restricted or private property, commercially available stop signs can be customized to deliver your specific message effectively. With custom messaging, a stop sign can help perform a number of services, like protecting personal property, preventing injury on the job or maintaining order. Stop signs can also be used to:

  • Mark a private driveway

  • Forbid access or entrance

  • Warn trespassers of the consequences of taking an ill-advised detour

  • Clearly define zones restricted to members, employees or authorized personnel or vehicles

  • Alert visitors to areas under surveillance by video cameras or CCTV

  • Notify oncoming traffic of a security or vehicle check

  • Alert drivers to road closures or where particular caution must be used

  • Post notifications of safety requirements such as hard hats, ear protection or safety glasses

  • Warn of a toxic chemical or pesticide presence

  • Let visitors know there are guard dogs on the premises

  • Announce restrictions for smoking, food and drink, noise or pedestrian traffic

  • Deliver your message in Spanish, French, Italian – any language of your choosing

  • Show your sense of humor with a tongue-in-cheek message

Whatever the message, customized stop signs are available in three grades to provide the reflective qualities needed to suit any environment, regardless of weather or light conditions. These signs are made from .080” thick, in heavy-duty, non-rusting aluminum. Typically, signage companies offer custom signs from 12” x 12” to 36” x 36” in size. And if the standard red and white doesn’t do the job, custom octagonal signs come in a variety of colors including brown, green, orange, blue and even some duo-toned options.

Reflective stop signs that meet MUTCD reflective standards come in a variety of production qualities to meet the most cost-effective (or high-intensity) needs. Available in economical engineer grade, stop signs Ralph Lauren Outlet Sale Online manufactured from traditional signage materials have a seven-year lifespan. High-intensity signs, which provide three times the reflectivity of basic, engineer-grade varieties can mens watches replica last up to ten years in even in the most demanding environments (and offer the lowest lifecycle costs). Diamond-grade signs offer an exceptional twelve-year lifespan and four times the brightness of even high-intensity signs, perfect for use in urban areas or where road or weather hazards make an intersection particularly dangerous.

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