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For when stop signs need a human touch

For most intersections, a simple stop sign is sufficient to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe. However, around construction sites and road obstacles, as well as in sensitive areas like schools where kids disembark at the side of the road, you may need safety personnelto make decisions and direct traffic. That’s where stop paddles come in. With a stop paddle, traffic can be handled with the discretion and vigilance that certain areas need.

Stop paddles have to be light enough to be held in place for hours at a time, large enough to be highly visible, and reflective, so drivers and pedestrians can react to instructions even in cheap replica watches low light.In these pages, you’ll learn about how to prevent tragedies on the road by putting stop paddles to their best possible use; you’ll also find out about how materials can make a difference in their effectiveness, and what to look for when you’re shopping for stop paddles.

Custom stop signs
Sometimes a stop sign needs to communicate more than simply...

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OSHA requirements
For being a relatively small instrument, the hand-held...

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Stop sign history
A common sight on your daily drive, it may surprise…

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